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Studied at:  School of Visual Arts, New York (M.F.A., 1992)
                   School of Visual Arts, New York (B.F.A., 1989)



2023     "now here, near is far, far is near - Towards "Absolute fixed-point observation", Saikoutei, Yamaguchi

               "Letter from Sesshu", Unkokuan Historical Site, Yamaguchi, Japan

2022     "now here, near is far, far is near - Art Ecology in Becoming", Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan

2021       "Our New Normal", KDDI Ishin-Hall, Yamaguchi, Japan

​               "Shuukakusai", Do a Front, Yamaguchi, Japan
2020       "Ubiquitousness of Viewpoints 2", Yamaguchi, Japan
               “ART DE OMOTENASHI 2020”, Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
2019       "open house", Nodani Gallery, Yamaguchi, Japan
               “ART DE OMOTENASHI 2019”, Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
               "Ubiquitousness of Viewpoints", Yamaguchi, Japan
2018       "YAA",Yamaguchi-shi Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
               “BEAUTIFUL ARTISTS”, Gallery Rougheryet, Okinawa
               "Yamaguchi Valley Section - Reflections 2018", Nakahara Chuya Memorial Museum, Yamaguchi, Japan
2017       “ART DE OMOTENASHI 2017”, Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
2016       "Valley Section: Reflections 2016", Yamaguchi, Japan
               “REFLECTIONS Part1”,Kimachi House, Yamaguchi, Japan
2015       “ART DE OMOTENASHI 2015”, Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
               “COLLECTIVE EAS_Y Vol.01”, Harada Bldg.,N3 ART Lab., Yamaguchi, Japan
2014       “ART DE OMOTENASHI”, Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
2013       “EACH VALLEY SECTION”, Kimachi House, Yamaguchi, Japan
               “EUTOPIA - IDEAL GARDEN”, Kimachi House, Yamaguchi, Japan 
2011       “YAMAGUCHI VALLEY SECTION-URUU”, Kimachi House, Yamaguchi, Japan
2009       “YAMAGUCHI BONCHIKOU  5AM”, Yamaguchi-shi Saikoutei, Yamaguchi, Japan
2008       “ReYAMAGUCHI - Won Ha”, Macchibako, Yamaguchi, Japan
2006       “BEAUTIFUL ARTISTS”, E-Space Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
               “BEAUTIFUL ARTISTS”, Fuji Hiroshi RS Studio, Fukuoka , Japan
2005       "Yamaguchi+Ulsan Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition", Hyndai Art Galllery, Ulsan, Korea
2004       "SWITCH vol.11 - REVIEWS", Aspirante, Hofu , Japan
2003       "ARTIST CARAVAN", Kasayama Observation Tower, Hagi, Japan
2002       "ISEA 2002", the Garden Pier in the Port of Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan
               "ART IN THE HOME IN EDINBURGH", 17 Eyre Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland
2001       "ART IN THE HOME IN YAMAGUCHI", Miwa House, Yamaguchi, Japan
               "SWITCH vol.3 - YOSHIYUKI SHIRAKAWA - SAFE TORTURING SERIES", Aspirante,  Hofu , Japan
2000       "GAW Show",Hakusei Temple, Okikamuro Island, Yamaguchi, Japan
               "Ima-Art Yamaguchi", Creative Space Akarenga, Yamaguchi, Japan
1999       "Kenbiten", Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum, Yamaguch, Japan
               "Oniwao Tsukurou" - in artfull Yamaguchi, Ichinosakagawa, Yamaguch, Japan
1997       "Kenbiten", Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum, Yamaguch, Japan
1996       "HAIR", Victory Blvd., Staten Island, New York
1994       "RECTANGLES AND INTERIORS", Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, New York
1993       "FUNCTION, NON FUNCTION",Gallery Korea, New York
               "3rd. Japan Art Scholarship", Spiral Garden, Tokyo
               "The International Biennial in Nagoya, ARTEC'93", Naoya Science Museum, Nagoya, Japan
               ”YOSHIYUKI SHIRAKAWA”, Tribeca Lab Manhattan, New York
1992       Gallery ETC, Staten Island, New York
               "TOYZ", curated by Kate Brown, Tribeca Lab Manhattan, New York
               Visual Arts Museum, New York
               Visual Arts Gallery, New York
               centerpiece for 20th anniversary, The Kitchen, New York
               "RENGE",curated by John Lees, Visual Arts Gallery, New York
1991       "The International Biennial in Nagoya, ARTEC'91", Nagoya Science Museum, Nagoya, Japan
               Visual Arts Gallery, New York
1990       NEC Electronics Art Gallery, Tokyo
               "FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT", curated by Lucio Pozzi, Visual Arts Gallery, New York
1989       Lucia Gallery, New York
               "Form; Being; Absence", Griffin McGear Gallery, New York
               Visual Arts Gallery, curated by Jeanne Siegel, New York
               "KINTARO-TV", SVA Gallery, New York
1986       Wacoal Art Space, Tokyo


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